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eLearning EU Proposal Writing

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You may have heard the old saying that you get only one chance to make a first impression.

In the world of European Programmes writing your proposal is that crucial first step.

It is not an easy thing to state your project’s premise in an economic and convincing manner with just the right amount of technical detail. Knowing what to say and when to say it is can be a deciding factor for your proposal’s acceptance.

Applications for funding, registering your organization, finding the right international project partners are all things that, when done correctly, can immensely improve your chances of success. We know about success. With our expertise, we have been working with people like you to turn their ideas into reality.

Overview of the course

The aim of this eLearning course is to train Proposal Writers and Project Developers to effectively plan and develop all aspects of European projects to write winning applications. The eLearning course for EU Proposal Writers combines the flexibility of eLearning: You can either download the training materials for self-study or go throug step by step with the trainer in 12 webinars, each of them about 1,5 – 2 hours.

Who should attend?

The eLearning course EU Proposal Writing Lab is targeted to the different knowledge levels of the trainees in the webinars.

Training Objectives

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Upon completion of the course trainees will be able to draft EU proposals from the idea to the submission of the application. Based on case studies and practical examples you will be taught the following topics:

  1. How to structure a project?
  2. Partner search and management organisation
  3. The one page summary
  4. Defining measurable objectives, deliverables and milestones
  5. The work plan and work package description
  6. Cost and finance planning
  7. Dissemination and exploitation
  8. Defining impact and securing sustainability of project results
  9. The submission and evaluation procedures
  10. What are the success criteria for the most common EU funding programmes?

Training Programme

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The programme starts with an introduction into European Funding Programmes, such as Horizon 2020, European Structural and Investment Funds ESIF, Erasmus+, External Collaboration Programmes, IPAII and many more.

How to get funding: Step by Step – From the Idea the Proposal introduces into setting up the proposal writing plan and the One Page Summary.

Project Start up explains how to define measurable project objectives taking into account also needs analysis methods. You will also get to know the Logical Framework Matrix.

Designing the work plan with work packages, deliverables, milestones and resources is then the next logical step.

Legal and Financial Issues are explained so that proposal writers are aware of the complex framework conditions of European programmes.

Management Organisation introduces into the management and team structure.

Dissemination and Exploitation are high on the agenda from the first day onward and deal with project results, impact, dissemination strategies, exploitation planning, sustainability, Intellectual Property Rights and much more.

Quality in Project Environments has become more and more decisive to write winning applications. Learn to understand what it is all about including Risk Management methods.

Why participate in the eTraining course?

  • Simply get started whenever you want: Sign in to the course, download the training material, and agree on flexible dates for trainer webinars to go through the modules in 12 webinar sessions. The online learning allows flexibility that suits your needs and your calendar!
  • The trainer is an actual EU Project Manager who has managed more than 40 European projects and many more national contracts
  • We promise you – after the training you will have a complete overview how to design and implement EU-funded projects
  • European projects are complex – but in future you will never get confused again as you will understand the ‘basic ingredients’

Workshop Presenter: Andrea Fenz, Director Skills International GmbH

Your benefits

A senior project manager and with experience in more than 40 EU-funded projects over the last 20 years will teach you in the webinars answering all your questions related to the EU project life-cycle.

Self-study and online support: € 220 +20% VAT with training material download and access to eLearning

Trainer webinars 12 units (each of them about 1,5 to 2 hours): € 450 + 20% VAT

Trainer webinar 12 units (each of them about 1,5 to 2 hours) and optional proposal check with guided feedback: € 550 + 20% VAT

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