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Trainers will be enabled to help women in the assessment of knowledge and skills related to transversal competencies required by the labour market and motivate them to learn.
Duration: 1.11.2023 – 30.10.2025

Museum Education


Museums as learning places are in the centre of the project.
Duration: 1.6.2018 – 31.5.2019 


Create – Share – Grow – Linkup


The Erasmus+ project looks into European Union and the effects of Brexit . Duration: 1.6.2017 – 31.5.2018


Digital Film Making for Broadening the Landscape of Informal Adult Education


Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals, Adult Education Staff Mobility. Duration: 1.6.2016 – 31.5.2017

Videos and short films have become integral part of digital training delivery.


3D Vizualisation for Learning in the Classroom with Mobile Phone Devices


Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals, Adult Education Staff Mobility. Duration: 1.6.2015 – 31.5.2016

The project aims at enhancing learning mobility of staff engaged in education to trial 3D Visualisation and the use of mobile phone devices.


Adult Literacy – From Creating Joyful Learning Experience into Active Citizenship

EU_flag_LLP_EN-01 2013

EU Program: LLP, Grundtvig Partnerships. Duration: 1.8.2013 – 31.7.2015

The ADULT LITERACY project aims to share experience and conduct pilot trainings based on a training kit with creative teaching methods to meet the target groups’ particular needs.Grundtvig Learning Partnerships are a framework for practical co-operation activities between organisations working in the field of adult learning. More …


Fantasy to Reality – From Adult Literacy Skills to Augmented Reality

EU flag-Erasmus+_vect_POS

Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals, Adult Education Staff Mobility. Duration: 1.6.2014 – 31.5.2015

The project aims at enhancing learning mobility of staff engaged in adult education to implement Augmented Reality is a new ITC-tool with a considerable potential for the provision of training and learning services. More …



ffg logo2

Talente: Praktika für Schülerinnen und Schüler 2015 / Talents: Internships for students. Duration: 1.6.2015 – 26.6.2015

Young Talents is a programme by the FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency aiming to offer student internship in the field of technology and natural sciences.


Certified EU Researcher Entrepreneur


EU Program: LLP, Leonardo da Vinci, Multilateral Project for the Development of Innovation. Duration: 2009 – 2011

The ResEUr project offers qualification, self-assessments and certification addressing this potential entrepreneurs and more generally creative minds.

Find out more about the EU project ResEUr and the training seminar for ECQA Certified Researcher – Entrepreneur…


Capacity building in European Project Management for Croatia


EU Program: TEMPUS. Duration: 2006 – 2009

Tempus Project for capacity building in the Western Balcan Countries by applying the ECQA Certified EU Project Manager Training. A Know-how Transfer Center was established in Croatia and know-how has been integrated into curriculum development at universities. Find out more…


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For the following European projects, the results have been transferred from APS (Graz, Austria) to Ms. Fenz Andrea Maria and Skills International:

Certified EU Project Manager


The Certified EU Manager project established from 2003 – 2006 the first skill card for an EU project manager including a training package and an online skills portal for certification, examination and self-assessment.



th Framework Program for Research (FP5)


In the EU IST Take UP Action we trialled a configurable e-working system in seven countries of Europe within the domains aerospace, defence, software engineering, public service, and research networks. The BESTREGIT GUIDELINE for Process Improvement and can be viewed here.


5th Framework Program for Research (FP5)


In the EU IST Best Practice Trial Action the consortium configured an adaptable e-working system with content exchange processes for news agencies who collaborate on the EU integration policies. This development resulted in content delivery processes, a simple user interface understandable for journalists and government personnel, as well as a solution with a Media Pool and Media Subjects on which distributed journalists can collaborate.


Best Regional Innovation Transfer – A Goal and Teamwork Based Learning Organisation Concept. A BESTREGIT Process Improvement Guideline has one of the main results together with training courses.


Process Improvement measure for the wine sector


The project Virtual Enterprise as an ElecCTronic PlatfoRm to multiplY Results develops an E-Commerce solution to establish a European platform of Process Improvement Services.


The project Process Improvement Combined apprOach Gathered Experience From 30 Experts Across 11 Countries of Europe with Contributions from Europe’s Leading Industry about How to Make Software Process Improvement Actions Business Oriented.

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