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Learn to understand how EU programmes operate and what are the most common challenges – in order to develop and manage European projects even more effectively. Welcome to this intensive eTraining course about EU Project Management!

Overview of the course

The aim of this eLearning course is to train European Project Managers to effectively manage all aspects of European programmes and projects. Composed of 11 modules, the online course for European Project Managers combines the flexibility of eLearning: You can either download the training materials for self-study or combine with 4 webinars with the trainer for Q+A sessions.

Who should attend?

The eLearning course EU Project Management is targeted to the different knowledge levels of the trainees in the webinars.

Newcomers to the world of EU projects: Learn to swim before you jump!
Plenty of opportunities for gaining the financial support from European budget are available; still, you need to understand the whole mechanism to take advantage of EU funding. Otherwise the risk of Training Kosovo Andreacrucial mistakes in a project is high.
Experienced in management of EU projects: Learn and exchange!
We can always improve our skills with best practices of others and experienced trainers. There might be some problems which make your EU project life difficult – discuss and get guidelines.
– Representatives of managing authorities: Accelerate cooperation with beneficiaries!

EU Project Management eLearning

The eLearning covers 11 module across four competence areas: European Union, Project Life Cycle, Legal and Financial Issues, Quality in Project Environments

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  1. The EU Explained
  2. European Funding Programmes
  3. Successful Project Start Up
  4. The Work Breakdown Structure
  5. Logical Framework Matrix and Tools
  6. Dissemination and Exploitation
  7. Managing Intercultural Teams
  8. Contract Management
  9. Finance Planning and Reporting
  10. Quality Management
  11. Management of Risk

Why participate in the eTraining course?

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  • Simply get started whenever you want:
    Sign in to the course, download the training material. Or combine with trainer webinar sessions. The online learning allows flexibility that suits your needs and your calendar!
  • The trainer is a senior EU Project Manager and expert involved in the evaluation of proposals.
  • We promise you – after the training you will have a complete overview how to design and implement EU-funded projects.
  • European projects are complex – but in future you will never get confused again as you will understand the ‘basic ingredients’.

Workshop Presenter: Andrea Fenz, Director Skills International GmbH


Fee: € 220 +20% VAT self-study and online support

Fee: € 480 + 20% VAT self-study, online support plus 4 Q+A webinars

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