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Skills International has participated in a number of European and national projects in the area of research, innovation, education and regional development.

Download the Skills International partner profile if you consider us as a project partner. Take benefit from our project staff as partners that has received seven awards for project management, quality and innovation.

Some selected EU and National Project References

  1. MUSEUM EDUCATION (2018 – 2019, Erasmus+ KA1)
  2. CREATE – SHARE – GROW – LINKUP (E+ 2017 – 2018)
  3. DIGITAL FILM MAKING for Broadening the Landscape of Informal Adult Education (2016 – 2017)
  4. 3D VIZUALISATION for Learning in the Classroom with Mobile Phone Devices (Erasmus+, coordinator)
  5. FANTASY TO REALITY – From Adult Literacy Skills to Augmented Reality (Erasmus+, coordinator)
  6. Adult literacy – From Creating Joyful Learning experience into active citizenship (LLP)
  7. ResEUr – Certified EU Researcher Entrepreneur (LLP)
  8. CromEU – Know-how Transfer and Capacity Building for participation in EU Community Programmes in Croatia by using Certified EU Project Manager Skills (Tempus)
  9. TeamWork – eCommerce and eLearning platform for process optimisation and teamworking solutions (FP5, transfer from APS)
  10. Media-ISF – web solutions for the meia sector in EU enlargement countries (FP5, transfer from APS
  11. Young talents – 6 projects for technical placements for students from schools in Austria (Research Promotion Agency, FFG, Austria)


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