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Project aims

  1. to help provide adults – particularly from disadvantaged groups – with pathways to improve their knowledge and competencies by promoting adult literacy and citizenship, addressing local needs;
  2. to improve and enrich teaching tools in adult education for trainers working with the target group.


  1. to promote adult literacy & voluntary activities between disadavantaged groups
  2. to develop a creative training kit
  3. to foster active citizenship and communication by initiating intercultural pilot projects with disavantaged people (migrants, disabled, unemployed people and elder people), Improve the coexistence between different ethnies and between multicultural citiizens
  4. benchmark of different methodologies.
  5. strengthen the resources of the target group by common intercultural work disseminated on internet, videoclip, facebook.


The training kit contains toolkits based on creative teaching methods and approaches to meet the target groups’ particular needs in order to make learning more joyful.


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