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EU Proposal Writing Details

EU Proposal Writing

The project development and proposal writing courses will get you prepared for the 2014-2020 funding period.

The practical hands-on courses build on 20 years of experience providing you first with an overview on the new funding opportunities.

In a second step, this training is a practical course for successfully preparing and writing European project proposals for European funding programs. In understanding what is needed in the way of clarity and purpose and being able to accurately state it within the confines of the proposal architecture you will learn to compose and deliver a project proposal with a high degree of acceptability.

EU Project Development & Proposal Writing Workshops are offered in different modules:

  • One or two days intensive workshops
  • One week practical hands-on workshop for groups
  • In-house writing seminars
  • eLearning and Webinars
  • Add-on modules for ECQA Certified EU Project Managers.


Project managers and proposal writers active in the field of research, education, innovation, regional policy etc. to acquire the right skills for project development and writing.

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