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20 – 24 November 2017 | Malaga, Spain | Registration  |  E+ KA1 Info  |  Agreement E+

Erasmus+ Staff Training Course
Digital Film Making for Broadening the Landscape of Education

Learning today takes place in a context of new interactions between formal and informal learning, the changing role of trainers, the impact of social media, and the need to actively involve the learners in the design of learning activities.

The aim of the Digital Film Making Training is to enhance the international dimension of education by helping adult education providers to overcome the gap between traditional eLearning provision with digitalised training materials. The learning resources must be adapted to the style and structure of Open Educational Resources OERs and MOOCs with the typical short films and personal video introductions.

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1: Trainees know different forms of components for digital film making including hardware, software and channels for upload.
Unit 2: Trainees are able to develop simple short video lectures for adult education.
Unit 3: Trainees are able to integrate simple 3D visualisation effects into digital film making.


Digital Film Making Training Programme

Day 1: Introduction to the Erasmus+ project, different components for digital film making, such as hardware (camcorder, smart phones), software (to work the films, texts, video), publication channels (YouTube, VIMEO … )
Day 2: Introduction to the eLearning course ‘Digital Film Making’ on the SKILLS ACADEMY Moodle, Collecting materials for film making (films, photos, …), Windows Movie Maker introduction (tool 1), registering to Adobe
Day 3: Video tools
Day 4: Creation of audio slideshow with Windows Movie Maker about outdoor visits
Day 5: Editing video with tools, cutting, voice recording software, recording of tone

The 5-days training can be attended in Austria, Spain or in other countries by applying for an Erasmus+ Key Action 1 project.  Have a look at the FILM MAKING leaflet.

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