Skills International GmbH



Mag. Andrea Fenz



Trainer qualifications:


·ECQA Certified EU Project Manager (Trainer)

·ECQA Certified Innovation Manager (Trainer)

·ECQA Certified Researcher – Entrepreneur (Trainer)

·ECQA Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Trainer)

·ECQA Certified Consultant for SME Software Selection (Trainer)

·ECQA Certified Governance SPICE Assessor (Trainer)

·Trainer for Adult Education (WIFI Certicate)

·EU Proposal Writing (Trainer)





·English, German, Italian, some French




Trainer Experience in the following countries:


·Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Montenegro, Croatia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Kosovo, Serbia, Slovenia, The Netherlands




Key qualifications:

·Regional Contact Point FP4, FP5, FP6 and FP7: EU Framework Programme for Research and Development on behalf of Austrian Ministry of Science and Research, Austrian Ministry of Economy, Regional Government of Styria and Chamber of Commerce Carinthia in collaboration with FFG (1995 – 2008)

·National Contact Point NCP Austria for the 6th EU Framework Programme, IST Programme (Information Society Technologies)

·EU Innovation Relay Centre Austria for international technology transfer: Partner for Southern Austria in collaboration with FFG (1995 – 2008)

·Regional Contact Point for EU Educational Programme LEONARDO DA VINCI
(2000 – 2004) in collaboration with National Agency Austria

·Co-ordinator of EU mobility projects in ERASMUS and LEONARDO DA VINCI
(2000 – 2008)

·Coordinator of the Austrian task force EU Lobbying for the 7th Framework Programme FP7 (2008)

·Mobility Centre Austria (Styria) - MOBA

·Coordinator of Job Role Committee for the ManagEUr Training – Certified European Project Manager in the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA)

·Evaluator for ÖAD – Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research, Lifelong Learning Program, Vienna

·Examiner for ISQI – International Software Quality Institute, Germany

·Collaboration with FFG/EIP as commercial consulter for FP7

·Collaboration with Agency for European Integration and Economic Development (AEI) in Kosovo



Further training courses attended:

·ECQA Certified eLearning Manager

·ECQA Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

·Beraterlehrgang – consultants course. Incite, Vienna, Austria (2008)

·ECQA Certified eSecurity Manager (2007)

·Introduction into Business Planning for Scientists. Graz University of Technology (2007)

·Web Site Creation with Macromedia Dreamweaver. Graz University of Technology (2007)

·Digital assistance for teaching and learning: an introduction into the world of e-Learning and Web 2.0. Graz University of Technology (2007)

·Operational Business Management. Matt & Partner Consulting, Bolzano, Italy (2005)




1965 born in Graz, Austria

1986 to 1994             studied Translation Science and Interpreting at Karl-Franzens University Graz; Italian, English and German

1981 to 1984             HTL BULME, Graz
Higher Technical School for Electronics and Telecommunications

1984 to 1985              BORG Graz

1991                         BFI Köflach, Austria. Commercial Apprenticeship completed as Industrial Clerk for export/import

1991-1993                 Grips Electronic, Mariatrosterstraße 41, 8043 Graz, Austria. Technical writer, translator and marketing. Industry, electronics, software, hardware, casino industry

1994 to 1995              Bundeshandelsakademie für Berufstätige, Graz
Special education for software engineering

1991 to 1995              Freelance interpreter and translator

1995 to 2009              Director, EU Project Manager and Trainer APS – European Programmes for Technologies and Training, Graz Austria.
Regional Contact Point Southern Austria for EU Programmes and Innovation Transfer

1995 - 2009               Director, EU Project Manager and Trainer APS – European Programmes for Technologies and Training.

         Since 2008 Director of Skills International GmbH, Austria

Since 2008                 Director of Skills International L.L.C., Kosovo

         Owner of a farmland in the wine-growing region in Southern Styria







  • European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA), Founding member and ECQA Board Member. Job Role Committee Leader for ECQA Certified EU Project Manager.

  • In SOQRATES ( appr. 20 suppliers and leading engineering companies and research organisations from Germany and Austria collaborate and exchange knowledge about practical implementation of ISO 15504, Automotive SPICE, IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.

  • Research and Industry Programme Committee Member of the EuroSPI initiative (

  • The System and Software Quality Initiative S2QI where leading Austrian firms join forces to share knowledge about process models and agile systems development, e.g. in the transport and automotive sector. S2QI is a platform of experts from industry and academia exchanging on system development processes, quality, standards and more.

  • European Alliance for Innovation EAI is a grassroots organisation initiated through
    cooperation between public, private and government organisations. EAI bridges the gaps between the market, research and regulation bringing together key players from every discipline within the ICT innovation cycle.

  • Chamber of Commerce: Consulting and IT
  • Chamber of Commerce – Foreign Trade
  • Chamber of Commerce – Language Service Provider
  • Chamber of Commerce – Young Entrepreneurs



Coordinator or partner in the following EU projects with APS, Graz - Austria and Skills International GmbH, Grossklein - Austria:


EU Programme



Lifelong Learning Programme


2013 - 2015

Lifelong Learning Programme


2009 - 2011

Leonardo Pilot Project


1996 – 1999

Leonardo Expert Exchange

Top Transfer

1998 – 2000

Leonardo Dissemination


1999 – 2001

Leonardo Pilot Project


2000 – 2001

Leonardo Pilot Project


2003 – 2006

Leonardo Pilot Project
Leonardo Pilot Project


1997 - 1998
1995 - 1998


Leonardo Mobility


1998 – 2000

Leonardo Mobility


1999 – 2001

Leonardo Mobility


2000 – 2002

Leonardo Mobility


2000 – 2002

Leonardo Mobility


2001 – 2003

Leonardo Mobility


2001 – 2003

Leonardo Mobility


2002 – 2004

Leonardo Mobility


2002 – 2004

Leonardo Mobility


2002 – 2004

Leonardo Mobility


2003 – 2005

Leonardo Mobility


2003 – 2005

Leonardo Mobility


2004 – 2006

Leonardo Mobility


2004 – 2006

Leonardo Mobility


2005 – 2007

Leonardo Mobility


2006 – 2008

Leonardo Mobility


2006 – 2008

LLP Erasmus Mobility


2007 – 2008


Tempus CARDS Croatia


2006 – 2009


PHARE CBC Austria - Slovenia


2004 – 2005


Interreg 3A


2002 – 2005

Interreg 3B


2003 – 2006




2001 – 2003



2001 – 2003

FP5 Innovation


1997 – 2000

FP5 Innovation


2000 – 2004

FP6 Innovation


2004 – 2008




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